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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tips for Eating Out and Continuing to Lose That Weight

Controlling your weight and eating when dinning at home can be kept under control because you have the ability to choose what you eat, when you eat, portion size and all of it. Whether you have had a gastric banding procedure done, or have you mind imagines it as a hypnotic Gastric banding procedure, you can have control at home.

But what happens when you go out. There is so many places to go to and so much to eat. You seemed to lose control on the amount you eat, what you eat and when you eat. However, this does not need to be the case if you do a little forward planning.

When I refer to eating out, I am not talking about the fast food places. I am referring to those restaurants where you socialise, communicate, have fun and enjoy the food over a period of time for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So here are the tips for eating out at these restaurants and still control your weight and be happy with the evening.

Tip 1 - Know the Restaurant

If you have been to a particular restaurant before then you will probably be aware of the type of food, amounts served and frequency. Since you know this, then you can plan to go there at a time when you know you will be hungry. If they feed you slowly, then you can decide whether you have an entrée or dessert with the meal. If they feed you quickly you may decide just to go for the main meal.

For a restaurant that you do not know, get onto the internet and read up the comments of people who have eaten there. You will be able to find out a lot of information which will help with the planning.

Tip 2 - Have control of the amount you eat

Often in Chinese, Indian and other restaurants they have banquets. They look good but they will usually have too much food. So skip over the banquet page and go for the main courses.

Tip 3 - Choose the food that satisfies you

When you eat out it is going to cost you money. So you may as well make sure you order something that you want that will satisfy you rather than what you think you need to eat. In the first case if you are satisfied you will find you do not have the desire to continue eating. If you eat what you think you need to so you can lose weight, then you will probably not be satisfied and will order more food.

Tip 4 - Drinks and similar to Food

If you like to have an alcoholic drink with your meal, remember that it is treated in a similar way to eating as you will store the sugar's if you are not hungry. To overcome drinking when not hungry I suggest two things: 1) Have water on the table and drink the water before you eat any course so that you are not thirsty when you eat. 2) Drink slowly and enjoy it. As you enjoy it you will find that you feel more satisfied and should be able to stop when you are full.

Dinning out is not something you need to miss out on when you are trying to control or lose weight; just plan ahead.

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