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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ways To Burn Fat: 1 Powerful Change For Weight Loss

I bet you're wondering why I was bold enough to make the headline of this post include, "1 Insanely Powerful Dietary Change" when there's so many other people on the internet claiming they've found the same thing.

Well, I know this works and I know how much of an impact this little tip has on millions of people (including my little brother), so it's worth sharing with you as I know it will benefit you.

There are so many individuals out there that are left clueless as to the proper techniques and nutritional guidelines to losing unwanted weight fast and permanently.

They have no idea what they should do or how they should go about doing it, which is why they have never succeeded with any weight loss program, regardless of how powerful it may be.

For this reason, I want to give you one phenomenal secret that has shaken the Health and Fitness world ever since it's discovery. I'm referring to one powerful change in your diet that can make all the difference in your physical appearance and in your ability to naturally lose weight without so much as lifting a finger to exercise.

You'll hear that you have to exercise in order to lose weight fast and efficiently, and though that may be partially true, you don't necessarily have to exercise to slim down.

Research has shown that this one small dietary change can have a dynamic impact on your overall body fat percentage, especially in your targeted stomach area. So, what is this big weight loss secret?

Expose Your Abdominals By Uncovering This Secret

The truth is that this one simple tip has impacted countless lives once they've put it into practice in order to lose weight, and that's because this truly works. The one simple tip to natural, fast weight loss is that you cut gluten and wheat completely out of your diet. Yes, that's it. Though it may seem very simple, there's much more to it than just cutting it out of your diet.

You have to understand why you eradicate it from your diet, and how both wheat and gluten affect your weight in terms of excess body fat. So, now that you know what you need to do, you need to have an understanding as to why you have to erase gluten from your diet if you want to lose weight.

What Exactly Is Gluten?

Gluten is the protein element found in barley, rye, and wheat. It is what makes up a lot of a normal grain and gives it the protein quality that many people look for in foods. Though it wasn't harmful in the early days of history, man has tampered too much with grain to in an attempt to "improve" it's nutrients solely for the purpose of profit.

The average individual's diet consists of many, many carbohydrates, which often includes a large amount of gluten. Many processed foods like pizzas, pastas, breads, and even baked goods play a huge part of the average person's daily diet. This can be a problem for many people, as they overload on the carbs and end up stuffing their body with food that can internally damage them.

Now I'm not saying that eating carbs hurts you, but I am saying that the gluten found in most of these foods can cause internal problems for many people if they discover that they're gluten intolerant. One of the major attacks on the body that gluten has been shown to produce can be found in Celiac's Disease and Grave's Disease. The primary area of your body that becomes under attack due to gluten is the liver and gut.

Your gut plays a crucial role to how your body deals with weight and your ability to lose weight or gain weight. I've seen many people who have a severe case of allergies to gluten, where they are very thin and frail, and possess almost no ability to gain any weight or muscle due to their gluten intolerance. This is caused because of problems that occur within the gut.

Also, I've seen cases where individuals have trouble losing weight, no matter what try, mainly because of their intolerance to gluten. The fact is that many individuals have problems with gluten nowadays, and it's becoming more of an epidemic than something individuals "jump on the bandwagon" with by saying they want to be gluten-free.

Health Issues Caused By Intolerance To Gluten

Though these aren't severe problems, I want to stress that in many individuals you'll find they have increased amounts of excess weight. This is due to their dietary habits and the fact that gluten plays a strong role in what they eat on a daily basis. Now just because you don't have certain health issues like Celiac's Disease or Grave's Disease caused by gluten, doesn't mean you're safe. You still may be suffering from other problems caused by your intolerance to gluten.

There are mild cases of gluten intolerance and there are severe cases or gluten intolerance. The severe cases include actual diseases that put the individual at risk of permanent health defects or even life-threatening problems. The mild cases in many, many people, can include anything from constant bloating in the stomach area after meals all the way to decreased ability to wake up in the mornings.

Here is a small list of problems Caused By Gluten Intolerance

-Reduced ability to wake up in the mornings

-Sluggishness constantly throughout the day

-Unhealthy amounts of Weight gain and inability to lose weight

-Inability to gain weight or gain muscle without losing it rapidly

-Constant sickness or even diarrhea

Why Gluten Plays A Role In Your Weight Loss

If you possibly have the slightest intolerance to gluten (like millions), then you may be experiencing inability to lose weight. If you have no idea why you can't lose that extra fat, but instead continue gaining more weight, then gluten may be your problem.

The thing with gluten is that the main problems occur in your gut and your liver. These small problems can turn into major problems later down the road if you don't treat your gluten intolerance.

Your extra unwanted weight is usually there due to your gut and what foods you place into your stomach.

Your gut is where a lot of key process occur that determine if you gain extra fat or not. Therefore, if the main problems that arise from gluten intolerance occur within your gut, what do you think is gonna have some kind of problem?

That's right, your weight will be at risk. This is why gluten has a dynamic effect on many people's weight and on their ability to lose extra fat. However, there is something you can do to test if you really are gluten intolerant.

What You Can Do For Gluten Intolerance In Weight Loss

Though you may be experiencing unwanted weight, there is something you can do to slim down, just in case you're gluten intolerant. This is just a little experiment I propose you test because my brother experimented with this same thing only to find out that the countless health issues he was dealing with was caused by his intolerance to gluten. So what do I propose?

Now it may be hard, but I really want you to think about this and imagine the awesome things that will happen for your weight loss and overall health if this works for you. I want you to try and go for 60 days without consuming any gluten whatsoever.

Yup, I can see I just lost most of my readers right there, but for the remainder of you guys I have left, listen up. I'm talking about wheat, pasta, sauces, and anything else that may contain even a trace of gluten in it. If you're really desiring to lose weight and be rid of it permanently, then you'll go on this gluten free diet.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean you'll have awesome results because some people may not be gluten intolerant. However, most of the people that are gluten intolerant don't have the slightest clue that they are, until they go on this diet. It may be tough, but think about the rewards. You may be saving your health for later down the road just by realizing that you're intolerant to gluten.

I highly recommend you go on this gluten free diet and see how it plays a dynamic affect on your body's ability to lose weight fast. You won't just slim down in 60 days, but I can guarantee you'll see a dramatic improvement in your overall health as well.

And finally, If you're looking for the absolute best additional ways to burn fat then I highly recommend you download my free ebooks which show you how to get six pack abs naturally with awesome secrets.

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