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Monday, June 25, 2012

Weight Loss - Sticking To It While Enjoying A Night Out

Watching what you are eating can be tough at times, and it is especially difficult when you want to eat out. Many restaurants offer meals that are high in fat and full of calories, leaving the dieter feeling deprived and at a loss as to what they should order. If you are facing the frustrations of eating out on a diet, there is hope. Read on to learn some proven methods for adhering to your diet while enjoying a night out at a restaurant.

Review the menu in advance. Take a little time to study the menu and decide on what you plan to eat before you reach the table. This can help you to make a sensible choice that will work with your dietary plan. It will also give you time to consider substitutions and modifications that might make your favorite dish a little more diet-friendly.

Order a lunch portion, child's portion or appetizer as your main course. Many restaurants offer smaller portions of their most famous dishes as lunch options, appetizers, or children's portions. When you order these options you can enjoy the food while eating less, meaning you will reduce your intake of fat and calories.

Order your favorite dish without meat. Going vegetarian is a great way to increase the nutritional content of a dish, while reducing calories and fat. Pastas and salads are almost always available as a vegetarian option, and some restaurants offer vegetarian burgers or crumble that can be a replacement for meat in some dishes. Don't be afraid to ask for the omission of meat, or a substitution for meat, as it will turn your dish into a diet-friendly one.

Ask for a take-out container right away. When you receive the container, take half of your dish and pack it away. This will remind you that you need to stop when you have finished half of your dish, which essentially cuts your intake of fat and calories in half. A bonus is that you will be able to enjoy your favorite dish a second time when you eat the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Avoid buffets whenever possible. Buffets are designed with over-eating in mind. You will usually find that temptation surrounds you at a buffet as you are encouraged to return to the food, taking plate after plate of fattening entrees. If you must visit a buffet, limit yourself to one plate. Fill your plate with vegetables and lean meats, and enjoy only a small portion of dessert.

Drink a glass of water before consuming your meal. Water will help to fill you up and it might just keep you from over-eating. If you want to enjoy your water just a little bit more, make it a seltzer water or ask the waiter for a few slices of fruit in the glass. This can provide you with a calorie-free, refreshing beverage that helps you to control the amount of food you put into your body.

Eating out does not have to mean blowing your diet. If you follow a few simple tips, like the ones outlined here, you can enjoy a night out and remain on course with your eating plan.

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