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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weight Loss Tips Using Math

Math is the least favourite subject of students here and abroad. According to most of the students we have asked, math is really hard for them to understand but once you can solve a certain problem the relief is like heaven. This is what anyone will feel once they solve their problem of weight loss. And as much as math can relate to weight loss so it does on some of these weight loss tips below. Although math is not related to English or any other subject, Math relates to one dear subject that most kids also hate, that is Science. Math is the language of Science and that is what you will learn in these tips.

The weight loss tips!

The first thing you have to do is to get your BMR. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic rate which gives us the idea that this is a test of your metabolism. The metabolism of a person is the measure of how fast the body digest and distribute those nutrients of a specific food throughout the body. If the body has a high or fast metabolism then he has a bigger chance of weight loss.

After calculating for your BMR, you now have to calculate for the activity level that you do very day. Example, at work, how much work or physical effort are you doing? Are you just sitting for the whole day or are you walking around and caring a lot of stuff? These how you calculate. Once you're done with calculating your activity for the day, you now have to calculate the calories you acquireevery day. This is thebasic calorie count per day.

After you have tallied all the calculations it's now time to get all over and summarize, of course, still with the use of Math. Add up your BMR and your Activities calorie count. Then subtract the sum to your calories intake. Once you have the result try to deliberate on what food or drink you have to slow down on because if you will not take heed, you'll get fatter and fatter without you noticing. Starting on small things and doing it one a time can do a lot of changes to your body over time.

This is the advantage of tallying your calorie counts, activity level of calories and BMR because it will give you an accurate figure of your weight and it will also help you know what kind of food to avoid. There are more weight loss tips you can follow.

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