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Monday, June 18, 2012

What Should You Eat for Breakfast If You Want to Lose Belly Fat?

Breakfast is everybody's favorite meal of the day. Remember how you used to wake up 1 hour earlier than usual when you were in school; and you did this just so that you could eat your breakfast without being on the run! Some of you, might have also waited up to 30 minutes to give your digestive system enough time to wake up and work at full capacity. But, those were the old day, right? Well, wrong!

If you want to lose stomach fat without doing tons of fat belly exercises, then you'll have to wake up 1 hour earlier so that you can eat in peace and you'll have to wait up to 30 minutes before eating, and more!

Here are two of the most important tips for fat loss:

1. Hydration is of the utmost importance! Did you know that you're losing up to 500 ml of water right after you wake up? So, there's nothing better than drinking a large glass of water right after you wake up! Also, don't forget to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day to keep yourself hydrated at all times!

2. Stay away from cereals and milk if you want lots of energy! Carbohydrates aren't the right way to go! Instead, go for proteins, so go for cheese, fish, eggs and the sorts! Also, don't forget to go for some fibers and vitamins to. This means fruits and vegetables!

How should you organize your meals?

There are lots of theories when it comes to organizing your daily meals, but here's a shocker: athlete nutrition aka the one with 6-8 meals per day doesn't really work! Nor does intermittent fasting, nor does an all liquid diet!

Usually, for most people a simple 4 meal per day plan works great! So, if you eat 3 times per day and you give yourself time for a little snack, you'll do fine as you'll get all the nutrients your body needs! Plus, it's really easy to save a lot of time. Here's a tip prepare some of your breakfast in the evening so that you don't waste time in the mornings!

Keep in mind that if you want to lose belly fat and get 6 pack abs, you need to mind your diet! And, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, follow the tips here and you'll do just fine!

However, you should know that diet is only half of the equation. You'll lose weight following the above tips, but some fat belly exercises will help you get ripped! The key to looking amazing is diet and exercise!

You can find lots of fat belly exercises, workouts and diet tips here!

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