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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your Guide to Surviving The Bikini Season

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is that time again: BIKINI SEASON! As we roll our way towards the warm Dog Days of Summer advertisers are heating up our TV screens. Everywhere are pictures of bikini clad models, perfect beaches and skimpy attire worn on summer vacation. Most women will do almost anything for a beautiful figure. In past summers I would get bikini ready by modifying my diet for a few weeks to subsist almost completely on fruits and vegetables. And it worked! I would take a few inches off my frame and my "perfect" figure would last for a couple weeks until my beach appearance was made. My diet was not too severe, unlike some other women's diets I have discovered...

Enter the Tape Worm Diet

I found myself reading about diets past and present through history and stumbled upon the Tapeworm Diet made popular in the early part of the 20th century. During that time tapeworms were prescribed in pill form for a woman to ingest and she could expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. This diet appealed because the tapeworm, being parasitic, would feed off the food that the host takes in which prevents it from being digested by the host's body, resulting in weight loss. The problem with that however is that the tapeworm interferes with the body's proper absorption of nutrients and vitamins and can lead to cysts in the liver, brain, eyes and spinal cord with serious consequences.

How to Rid Yourself of the Tapeworm

When the desired weight loss was achieved and the tape worm was no longer wanted an antibiotic was given which would then kill the tapeworm so that it could be expelled. If the antibiotic didn't work however, I found another sure way to rid one's body of the pesky tapeworm (which made me giggle out loud) found on

Place milk, cookies and a hammer near the afflicted person's anus for a few nights and letting the tapeworm gorge himself into complacency on the treats. Once this has been accomplished, the cookie is withheld. When the worm comes all the way out to demand, "Where's my cookie?" whoever is stuck with the worm-watching duty that night bashes it with the hammer.

Hmmmm... I think I'll stick with my fruits and vegetables. Tapeworms aside, there are plenty of ways to get bikini ready in a short amount of time. Here's my list:

1) Join a gym! And not one of the giant, cookie cutter gyms with a location in every city. I'm talking about a smaller, quainter gym which you feel comfortable in. One which may have only 100 members or so, so that when you walk in they know you by name. They may only offer a couple of different workout classes, but the teachers are excellent and the classes are amazing. You'll stay motivated and make friends quickly because everyone came to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle - not text and try to pick up a date like at some of the larger, chain gyms.

2) Hire a Personal Trainer. This may be an expensive option but with this option you have someone totally focused on you and your success to look your best and live your most healthy lifestyle possible. Not only will you have accountability and the intense one-on-one attention of your trainer but because of your larger monetary investment you're a lot more likely to remain committed and will see results very quickly.

3) Food Swap. Trade your pint of Haagen Dazs - and its 70 grams of fat - for a trip to YogurtLand and their incredible fat free frozen yogurt creations and dozens of toppings. Trade your potato chips for whole wheat pretzels or multi-grain pita bread and hummus. Trade your Butterfinger candy bar for a bowl of diced strawberries, cantaloupe, bananas and blackberries topped with whipped cream.

There are dozens of way to get in shape quickly and I guarantee you that if you try just one of the suggestions listed here (minus the Tapeworm Diet, of course) you will be bikini ready in no time.

Happy Summer!

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