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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Weight Loss Woes May Be Due to a Fatty Liver

America is the leading country in the obesity epidemic. Childhood obesity along with childhood diabetes is on the rise. It is so out of hand that First Lady Michele Obama has started an initiative to get children more active to combat childhood obesity. Many diets promise quick weight loss and we have 100's of exercise programs and machines designed to help us lose weight. Yet, even with diet and exercise, we still fail to lose weight.

We have been taught that obesity stems from overeating and lack of exercise. Many people cut down on calories, ramp up physical activity, and after a few weeks of intense work outs, few pounds are lost. Frustration sets in and the cycle begins again. Unfortunately, although over eating and extended periods of non-activity help cause obesity, this knowledge alone is not the key to effective weight loss.

Weight loss can only happen once we understand the source of our weight gain. Weight gain is directly attributed to the foods we eat in that it causes our liver to become surrounded by fat tissue. Once our liver becomes fatty, it slows down our metabolism, making it harder for us to lose weight. In order to see long term weight loss results, we must first remove the fat surrounding our livers.

Obviously greasy and fatty foods contribute to the fat surrounding our livers. However, foods high in refined sugar, such as white bread, potatoes, and sweet snacks, also contribute to the fat around the liver. Eliminating these foods from our diet will not only stop our liver from becoming fatty, but it will help reduce the level of fat already surrounding the liver. In order to lose the fat already surrounding your liver, you must focus your attention on eating the right kinds of food.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients will help us lose some of the fat surrounding our livers. Raw fruits and vegetables are one of the best things to eat to combat a fatty liver. If you do not like eating fruits and vegetables, juicing them is just as effective. Eating foods rich in fiber, such as oats and whole wheat, help reduce the amount of fat. Although it seems strange, adding healthy oil Omega-3 which is found in fish, for instance tuna fish and salmon, can help to greatly reduce the amount of fat surrounding the liver. Once the liver has become less fatty, the metabolic rate at which food processes will increase allowing for easier weight loss.

Your weight loss problem can be due to fatty liver. There are certain foods for fatty liver that can help you to reduce weight. Please visit us if you want to know more about foods and fruits for fatty liver...

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