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Saturday, July 28, 2012

2 Simple Reasons Why You Find It Hard To Lose Your Belly Fat and Build Sexy 6 Pack Abs

Having 6 pack abs and losing that stubborn belly fat is one sure way of getting your dream girl. It is something that will get hot sexy girls attracted to you and will sure make your friends very jealous of you. Just imagine yourself chilling in the beach with your top off and all the hot girls admiring you. This imagination can actually come to live and is a reality for some people. But for some people, it may never come to live. They may never get the body they so much want and deserve.

If you are trying to get in shape and have been trying all you can but to no avail, then read this article carefully because you will discover 2 things that may be keeping you from achieving your dreams. These 2 things are the same reasons why many people may never get the shape they desire. Hopefully after reading this, yours will be different.

1. Getting and using wrong information

One of the biggest reasons why many you may never get cool sexy abs and the girl of your dreams is the wrong information you may be buying and reading from people who do know anything about losing belly fat and building abs.

A lot of people just read some information and just go ahead to do them without confirming if these things really work or if it is from an authoritative source. If you are doing this, you are making a mistake.

Let me put it bluntly.

If you just go to forums and read up random articles from people who are struggling to build 6 pack abs like you, then you are likely getting wrong information. And it is likely the reason why you are still struggling with losing that belly fat.

Here is an example of a big fat lie you will likely find on fitness forums. Just doing exercises like crunches and other abdominal exercises is all you need to lose belly fat.

2. No consistency

Another reason why you may find it hard to get in shape is the lack of consistency on your part. Sometimes, you may get the right information that will actually help build six pack abs but you lack the will power to continue doing these things.

If you are lucky to get proven information from authoritative sources about how to get in shape, then start practicing what you learnt and keep taking the actions that you are required to do.

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