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Thursday, July 12, 2012

6 Steps to Lose Weight

6 Easy Steps to lose weight

There are so many diets and fitness experts these days it's hard to know who's best for you.

What ever you decide to do, it's important that you are comfortable with it and it has to work with your everyday life.

This is NOT a 6 step diet, but more formula you can use to plan, begin and reach your fat loss goals.

Step 1- You've probably already weighed yourself or looked in the mirror and for some reason you are not happy. Either way go and take a two measurements; your weight and waist size. These are important for later on, because you need to know how much fat you are losing. Decide how much of that 'fat' you want to lose and by when. Set clear achievable targets and steps towards your BIG goal. MOST important BELIEVE in yourself that you can reach your goal!

Step 2- Have a powerful enough reason to lose it. Are you getting married? Are you going on Holiday? Do you want to feel more confident? etc Have a good think about this, because when it does get tough (and it will), this will be a powerful reason for you to overcome any challenges..... I remember a friend of mine was getting married and she desperately wanted to lose weight for her wedding. So she spelt out the word 'FAT' with magnetic letters on her fridge. It worked for her and she looked great on her wedding day!

Step 3- Commit yourself and take action today. Do some research, speak to an expert (experts are probably not your friends and family unless they work in the industry), get some advice from your Doctor, sign up to a course or group. If you sign up to anything, remember we are all going to tell you how great our program is. I was looking around primary schools recently for my son who will be starting school next year. The best advice I was given was 'treat it like you are buying a house'. This is also true, if you are going to sign up to a program. Go and visit the place and speak with the instructors/coaches etc Do you like them? Are they genuine? Do they listen to what you want and offer a solution? If a coach understands you and cares they can help you make a real difference. Also if you are signing up to anything, remember you will be spending one to three hours of your time here each week. Ask about some of the success stories they've had recently! (the 20 people who lost weight in 1999 sounds great, but what about the members who recently got started).

Step 4- It's very important to review your progress weekly. If you are exercising then make sure you measure your waist. You will more than likely gain muscle weight through exercise, which is heavier than fat. So a waist measurement will really help you to see what is happening. One of my members said he was able to tell the difference when he went he had to tighten up his belt! The great thing about losing fat is the all the shopping you get to do for new clothes at a later date.

Step 5- If your weight loss targets are not being hit, be honest and ask yourself why? Have you been consistent? Have you really given it a good go? If you can honestly say that you have, then will you need to change your approach. A client who recently joined lost 10 ilbs in just two weeks, I later found out she had previously attend a ladies gym where she took part in circuits. In the 6 months she was there she had only lost 3 ilbs. Luckily she change her training or she may not have hit her target in time for her wedding. If something is not working you will need to keep changing your approach until you start to see results.

Step 6- Get a coach. Friends and family are great, but they can also lead you into temptation or in some cases be not very encouraging at all. Your best coach is you, but it is good to have someone who will listen to your goals, urge you and direct you when you need it. Having a coach will also make you accountable to someone. This way you are sure to hit your goals.

So there you have it, personally I recommend regular exercise and a stable diet, and not crash course dieting. Above all choose an exercise you know you are going to enjoy.

Matt Rudman - Fitness Kickboxing Coach and 3rd Dan Head Instructor

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