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Sunday, July 15, 2012

All About Cellulite: What Is The Best Treatment For Cellulite?

Anyone who has had a problem regarding cellulite would want to know the answer to the question, "What is the best treatment for cellulite?" Cellulite is basically fat deposits under the skin that cause a dimpled appearance. They are usually seen on the lower limbs, the abdomen, and the pelvic region. It starts occurring after puberty.

The cause of this dimple like condition in the skin is not really known but theories have pointed to hormonal factors, genetics, diet, lifestyle factors and clothing.

Now the bigger concern for most people with cellulite is whether it can be removed and if so, how? Everyone wants to know the best treatment for cellulite. Here are a few of the suggestions that you may want to consider:

• Dietary Supplements - it is said that supplements containing sweet clover, gingko biloba, grape-seed bioflavinoids, oil of evening primrose, bladder wrack extract oil, soy lecithin, and fish oil work to boost metabolism, improve circulation, act as protection against skin damage and more importantly break down fats. Unfortunately, none of these supplements are FDA approved.

• Methylxanthines - this is a chemical group that includes caffeine, theophylline, and aminophylline. These are chemicals found in cellulite creams that are advertised as effective treatment for cellulite because of their capability to break down fats.

• Massage treatments - there are several devices in the market that claim to help lessen cellulite by working on the affected area. Some of these massage equipment work by suctioning, pulling and squeezing the skin where the cellulite are located. Follow up will have to be done on the said area or else the cellulite will return.

• Light or Laser therapy - devices that combine light therapy with suction to decrease the appearance of cellulite. The result of this treatment is not permanent. It requires more than one session and follow up treatments are required. This procedure is quite costly.

• Mesotherapy - this is one of the more controversial remedies because it involves introducing drugs or other substances into the affected skin by injection. Some of the drugs administered are FDA approved but not for the purpose of treating cellulite.

• Collagenase - this treatment is still considered experimental. Collagenase is an enzyme naturally found in the body and is said to break down collagen which plays a role in binding cells together. Collagen injections improve the appearance of the cellulite.

• Diet - there are cellulite diets that are being proposed to have a positive effect on cellulite treatment. They claim that this special diet can decrease inflammation and improve circulation thereby lessening the chances of cellulite.

The use of wraps, herbal or otherwise, has not been proven to have any effect on cellulite. Liposuction is also not a recommended remedy because you will be removing the fats that serve as cushion to your skin. This will only cause worse dimpling and therefore uglier looking skin. You can try any of the mentioned treatments and find out which one works for you. The one that works for you answers your question, "What is the best treatment for cellulite?"

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