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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are You a Fitness Dropout? 4 Ways To Stay Delinquent

How many times have you started a new fitness regime, only to be derailed after a week or two? Every Sunday do you vow to start fresh on Monday morning and by Wednesday, you're so done with it all? Do you make a yearly New Year's resolution to get in shape and by the end of January, you are eating Ding Dong's again and snacking at midnight?

Here are 4 creative ways to keep you completely off track and away from attaining a consistent healthy fitness level.

Tip #1: Don't make any goals.Goals are silly. Just wander aimlessly from day to day. Goals might cause you to actually achieve them and we can't have that, can we? Writing them down and posting them on a mirror would make it even worse because it would remind you daily of what you want to accomplish. Remember, your goal is not to accomplish anything - it's to stay overweight, tired and unhealthy.

Tip #2: Consistently choose the wrong foods at the wrong times. Choose foods high in fat and simple carbohydrates so your blood sugar can have crazy highs and lows all day; that way your energy level can dip frequently. Eat piles of pasta, rice and potatoes at night - that will plump you up real good. Eat potato chips at midnight with a soda. Don't eat breakfast and for lunch, load up on that white bread. After all, if you eat six small, healthy meals a day, you might have enough energy to do all you need to do.

Tip #3: For goodness sake, don't exercise. That might cause you to burn calories and it might even increase your heart health. Stay off that treadmill...don't get on that bike. If you do, you could build up some "feel good" endorphins and actually end up liking it. Exercise could also cause you to build some muscle and God forbid you should do that - it might change your physique for the better.

Tip #4: Stay away from your supportive friends. They might encourage you to stay on track. They might tell you the truth about your sagging health. If you just stay away from your supportive friends, you won't have to hear their encouraging words and heartfelt concern. Try to do this all alone.

Now, you have the tools to be a fitness dropout. Put them into practice and you will never make any progress...guaranteed!

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