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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Best Ways to Lose Weight in Two Weeks

Do you have a special event coming up and want to know the best ways to lose weight? This article will guide you step by step on what you should do to start seeing the results you desire in just two weeks. Remember that just as gaining the weight didn't happen overnight, losing it will be a process that you have to stick with until you achieve your goals. Follow these easy steps to get results;

1. One of the most common weight loss tips and one of the best ways to lose weight that works is simply changing the foods that you eat. Foods that you eat can either make you fat or thin therefore eliminating unhealthy fattening foods from your meal plan will help to reduce calories fast whilst your body burns fat.

2. When you have cleared your kitchen of all the fattening junk and processed foods, you can then replace them with healthy foods such as quinoa, olive oil, whole grains, whole eggs, lean meat, chicken breasts, salmon, sardines and sushi. There are plenty of healthy foods you can add to your meal plan, for more ideas, head over to google and do your search.

3.Eating healthy is definitely one of the best ways to lose weight quickly, however, it is true that healthy foods can also pile up calories fast. To avoid such a situation, simply split your meals into small portions so that instead of eating three big meals, you eat five or six small portions a day. When you eat this way, your body will feel satisfied and you won't have problems with unnecessary carvings.

4. Drink a glass of water before you eat your meals and snacks, you won't overeat later and there will be no mistaking thirst for hunger. Experts recommend drinking at least a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, more is recommended however. Water has zero calories so make it your number one slim drink for faster weight loss results.

5. Eating in smaller groups is one of the best ways to lose weight that works, you won't be forced to pile your plate just because everyone else has their plate full.

6. Have a poison food or snack once in a while, indulging in a treat once in a while is one of the best ways to lose weight fast as it will remind you that life is still beautiful even on a diet. Don't make it a habit though, a treat once a month is enough to keep you motivated and focused with your goals. If you still feel uncomfortable with your treat, simply share it with one or two other people.

7. Motivation and support and essential for weight loss, in fact, the best ways to lose weight are staying motivated to continue eating the foods on your meal plan and getting support from friends and family. If the foods you eat are boring and tasteless, you will easily throw in the towel and go back to old habits. Keep your meals interesting by adding spices for flavor and taste, and you can try new or different recipes using healthy ingredients. This way, you will lose weight whilst enjoying the foods you love.

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