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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eating Out and Weight Loss: The Restaurant Foods to Avoid At All Costs!

One of the main reasons why you may be struggling with your weight loss goals is that you simply want to have some fun. A lot of people hesitate to go on a diet or consult a trainer, because they believe that weight loss involves a boring, regimented and intimidating discipline. The one thing that people particularly fear is that they won't be able to eat out anymore. However, that is a myth. Eating out and weight loss are not as incompatible as they are made out to be. If you can simply avoid a few 'restaurant evils', that will be a great start to your weight loss objectives.


Sodas are the most obvious and important start to this list, because a soda is the first thing that most of us order when we get to a restaurant. As you may already know, a soda is nothing more than empty calories and a cocktail of deadly chemicals. The worst part is that they don't taste all that great either. People generally order a soda as a matter of habit (addiction in some cases) or to simply wash down their meal. Avoid the sodas, and you will save a good 200-350 calories every meal. In fact, there are several healthier drinks that you will find on most menus.


When I just mentioned 'healthy drinks', 'juice' was probably the first thing that popped into your mind, so let me begin by busting this myth. Most restaurants served sweetened and packaged juices, which, like sodas, load you with liquid sugar calories (empty calories). Even while a glass of juice piles on as many calories as a soda, it does not satisfy you in the least. The worst part is that while juices retain the water and sugar elements of the fruit, most of the fiber, minerals and vitamins are lost in the discarded pulp residue. So, even when juices are fresh and unsweetened, they are no health miracle. It is far healthier to have a portion of chopped fruits, if you are eating out on a diet.

If you want a healthy and refreshing drink, try a mildly sweetened iced tea or herbal drink. If such an option is not available, I would recommend good old water!

Fried Foods

Even if you cannot resist your occasional burger meal, it does not mean that you have to wreck your diet. Simply try to avoid the French fries or crisps that you would usually pack in. Deep fried foods are calorie bombs, and most of these calories come from unhealthy fats. In fact, it would be smart to have your burger with a portion of a fresh salad or steamed veggies and a mildly sweetened iced tea rather than fries and a soda. Simply by making these side order substitutions, you could end up saving up to 900 calories each time you have a sandwich or burger meal!

Refined Foods

If you are eating out on a diet, refined foods should be high on your 'avoid' list. So, avoid large portions of rice and pasta with your meals, ignore the breads and butter snack placed on your table till your order arrives, and where possible, opt for whole grain breads, pasta or rice with your meal or sandwich. Once again, this partial discipline will save you a lot of calories.

All in all, if you eat out ten times a month, you could save 2-3 pounds of weight gain with these simple steps! Essentially, if you are prepared to be sensible, it is not so difficult to lose weight while eating out.

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