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Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Achieve Your Body Shape and Lose Weight Permanently (2)

The first post in this series spoke about how many diets, and particularly when a person embarks on series of diets the body will automatically lower its Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

The BMR is the amount of energy that your body uses when at rest and the higher your body percentage of lean tissue and muscle the higher your BMR.

When you go on long term or serial diets your body will reduce the amount of lean tissue and muscle in response to the reduced energy consumption of your diet.

The way to prevent this is to undertake a course of resistance exercise during your period of diet and ideally after the diet has finished.

The second tactic is to ensure that you eat regularly. This ensures that your blood sugar levels remain as constant as possible which results in better digestion and assists your BMR.

The problem for many people is feeling unable to eat when they first get out of bed.

The scientifically proven fact is that people who eat breakfast are slimmer than those that skip breakfast.

It is not necessary to eat a huge amount of food for breakfast and for those that truly find it difficult to eat first thing in the morning, a simple fruit smoothie would suffice.

A breakfast of cereal, fruit and whole meal toast with skimmed milk would be ideal, but it is not particularly what you eat that matters, it is the fact that your body has not taken sustenance for the period of your sleep.

A high protein breakfast would be just as successful; scrambled eggs with bacon, or salmon and eggs would help you to achieve your goal of losing weight and achieving your desired body shape.

It is then important to ensure that you eat something on a regular basis throughout the day. Again, the scientifically proven fact is that eating five to eight smaller meals throughout the day will give you greater and faster success than three larger meals.

Your digestive system works better when the surface area of the digested food is greater. Eating large meals means that the volume of food is more difficult to process our stomach and gut.

Eating smaller meals, more regularly means that your digestive system is not having to work as hard to produce your desired results.

Smaller meal choices also tend to be healthier meal choices and that can only be a good thing.

A great deal of the diet advice out there is out of date and sometimes truly incorrect. The majority of diets do not explain why you are overweight in the first place, meaning that when you have finished your diet, you are left stranded and alone and will inevitably go on to gain more weight than you lost in the first place. When you really want to lose weight permanently, visit for our tried, tested, professional, proven weight loss system.

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