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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Cut Weight Easily Without Having To Work Out or Cut Down on Eating?

That's a tall order - to want to cut weight without doing anything strenuous or to keep eating whatever your heart desires. That being said, it is possible with a few innovative ideas. One must keep an open mind and be willing to wait for the results. There are no instant weight loss plans or magic tricks especially if you have no intention of exercising or cutting back on your food intake.

Nonetheless, here are some suggestions you can try. Some may be silly but work quite well while the others are based on years of study and research.

To lose weight without exercising or eating less, you can try some of these ideas:

1. Park in the back of the parking lot or take the stairs instead of the elevator to burn more calories throughout your day.

2. Go on a quick water or juice fast.

3. Eat with nutrition as priority, and you will find flavorful options for snacks in health or organic stores.

4. Choose food with complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates because the body breaks down simple carbohydrates faster and if not used for energy will turn into stored fat. Complex carbohydrates are brown rice, vegetables, fruit, whole-wheat products.

5. Stock up on lean protein and vegetables.

6. Take out the skin and fat from your meat.

7. Change your cooking oil to coconut or olive oil.

8. Weigh yourself daily or use a fat caliper to measure fat loss.

9. Get friends involved as moral support.

10. Don't get discouraged if you "cheat" or eat something you shouldn't have. Simply enjoy the treat and go back to healthy eating.

You can also change your meal schedule and eat more in the morning with small meals after. Don't take late meals or midnight snacks. If possible, eat your dinner or last daily meal before 7pm so you have time to digest your food, burn energy by talking a walk, or doing something around your house.

Since you have no intention to exercise, why not try going to a sauna or buying one of those exercise suits that will encourage perspiration. It looks like a jogging suit and will help detoxify your body. You just need to keep drinking water so you don't get dehydrated. Use the suit when you're cleaning house, watching TV or taking a walk. It does not look very stylish but it will help you drop a few pounds.

After having said all of that you must be aware of these facts: you can cut weight far more quickly than any of the above suggestions by taking part in a nutritious eating plan where you will not be hungry and by exercising for only 12 minutes a day! Amazing results will be found and you will NOT be hungry, you will have more ENERGY, you will cut weight and lose fat amazingly fast!

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