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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Lose 10 Pounds Of Fat With High Intensity Weight Training For Fat Loss

Losing those last 10 pounds of fat is oh so frustrating. You can't "diet" it off and you have spent hours on the treadmill or some other cardio machine or activity and fat loss is still illusive! You will be happy to know there is a solution and you won't have to work out for hours. High intensity weight training and short workouts. Fat loss and reduced workout time, you can't go wrong!

High intensity weight training to lose those last 10 pounds or actually any amount of fat, is typically one of the last options when a person just can't get rid of stubborn belly fat or fat around the hips and upper arms.

Why? High intensity training can be difficult, or should I say, "intense" (thus the name) and many people don't like working that hard. If you want to lose the fat quickly, it does work and it works very well.

To understand how this works, you need to know a bit about types of fat and why the last pounds are so hard to get rid of.

There are 2 kinds of fat around the belly:

-the visceral fat, and
-the subcutaneous fat.

When you incorporate diet and lifestyle changes, the subcutaneous fat is usually eliminated pretty easily;

However, the villain of fat loss is the visceral fat which is embedded deeper into the body and permeating through the organs. This is the reason why these last pounds are extremely difficult to tackle.

There is a serious problem with visceral fat. If left alone, it will lead to high bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. This is why many overweight people are suspected of having high blood and major organ problems like such as kidney, heart, and liver issues.

High intensity training with weights can really cut through and burn visceral fat.

The question many people have is, "Do I have visceral or subcutaneous fat around my middle section?" To be honest, just looking at your stomach with the naked eye makes it impossible to know for sure. That is why many doctors recommend exercise and diet first - not the high intensity weight training. Keep in mind if a person is overweight, high intensity weight training may be risky for him or her.

What is High Intensity Weight Training?

Another word for high intensity weight training is precision definition weight training or high impact weight training. Basically, it means that you work the body until your heart beats at a faster rate than regular exercises. This could be a weight training circuit in which you move quickly to the next exercise or even jog between exercises, with little rest. This keeps the heart rate high, provides further intensity in the actual weight lifting exercise, and generally qualifies as high intensity exercise if you keep on the move.

In addition, true high intensity weight training involves low impact exercises like stretching, running, jogging, or aerobics both before and after the weight training. This is to "warm up/down" the body so the muscles are ready for the high impact training. The bottom line is that you need to reach a certain level of energy expenditure in every session.

High intensity weight training most certainly works to reduce both kinds of fat, especially if it is done in conjunction with a change in diet to natural, calorie-conscious meals.

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