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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Six Sure-Fire Ways to Stop the Chocolate Eating Binge

The temptations of chocolate are always there but never more so than over the Easter period. The shops are full of brightly wrapped Easter eggs and well-meaning family and friends generously buy them as gifts but if you're a chocoholic who can't leave a piece of chocolate uneaten then this time of year turns into a chocolate eating binge, leaving you feeling depressed, fat and desperate. These six sure-fire ways to stop the chocolate eating binge will turn your life around if you choose to follow them.

1. If by some chance you still have chocolate in your fridge, then throw it away or give it to a friend (or enemy, if you prefer).

2. Make sure that you have something healthy to eat in the fridge instead of chocolate. Cut up some carrot and celery sticks and keep them in a box, all ready to eat with a pot of low fat cottage cheese to dip them in. Radishes and cherry tomatoes are also good to nibble on as are strawberries, cherries and ready cubed up melon or pineapple.

3. Take a few minutes each day to consider the secondary benefits towards health and fitness of these chocolate eating binge stoppers; weight loss and clear skin.

4. Now think of the possible results of continuing the chocolate eating binge; weight gain, cholesterol build-up leading to type 2 diabetes, a heart attack or a stroke. That's no joke and it should be enough to make anyone keep their weight under control and along with that their fat intake. Even unsweetened chocolate contains approximately 500 calories and 50 grams of fat per 100 grams; that's an awful lot of fat and sweetened chocolate, while less fatty, contains around 50 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

5. Avoid situations when you usually have a chocolate eating binge; understanding the pattern will help you to keep it under control. For example, if you always eat chocolate when watching television, don't watch TV or do something else at the same time. How about a jigsaw puzzle or even a spot of dusting or ironing; you could even lie down on your rug and do some toning exercises or jog on the spot.

6. Go out for a brisk walk or take some other form of exercise. The feel-good chemical called serotonin, which is released in the brain when eating chocolate is similar in effect to the endorphins released by a good workout. In fact, low levels of endorphins make us lust after fat and low levels of serotonin induce a craving for sugar so the obvious solution, other than chocolate, is exercise.

If you follow these six sure-fire ways to stop the chocolate eating binge, you'll feel fitter, healthier and much better about yourself.

For some exercise ideas that you can do in front of the television to stop the chocolate eating binge, visit Liz Canham's website Best Fatburner.

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