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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spring Treat: Kohlrabi Apple Salad With Citrus Anise Dressing

This week, I am going to share with you how you can shed some lbs with caloric cutbacks, eat more and not to feel hungry-all at the same time. When you are dieting and your goal is to create a natural caloric deficit, this is tricky.

The problem with conventional "restriction" diets is that you are missing the foods that you like. Many plans recommend foods that are just plain tasteless. It's either the ingredient itself, the way it is prepared or the seasoning used that have an affect that can make you love or hate the food.

In the little village where I grew up, taste wasn't a problem. Seasonal foods were full of flavors that didn't need a dressing or a sauce to make it taste good.

Seasonal foods in the wintertime are rare... if you don't look for them. But hey, they do exist.

So what is seasonal winter food? In general it's produce that has been harvested in the fall (before the frost) such as root vegetables, as well as fruits that can be stored, such as the apple.

My Seasonal Winter Weight Loss Salad

Here is a seasonal winter salad that I prepared at a dinner party last Friday. My guests loved it!

Hudry Wusch Technique

Insiders know what this means. Become one of them (see below). But in short, Hudry Wusch in Austria means: as quick as one, two and three without effort.

This is what will you need:

1 kohlrabi

1 apple

1 tsp of anise seeds

2 tsp of fresh lemon juice

This is what you do:

Wash the apple and the kohlrabi. Peel the kohlrabi. Julienne both the apple and the kohlrabi.

Toss both into a salad bowl and mix.

Sprinkle fresh lemon juice and anise seed over. If you like, add some sea salt, but it is not necessary.

Let sit for 20 minutes; then serve. The anise flavor will perfume and complement the texture of the fruit and vegetable.

"How do I come up with the recipes?" is something I am asked many times.

The key: Simply compare the textures. Combining two ingredients with a similar texture always works. And once I started to consider the kohlrabi, my response was: apple. They both share the same crisp texture.

Kohlrabi belongs to the brassica family of cruciferous vegetables. The apple is part of the fruit family. Both supply a sweet, fresh and crunchy taste when eaten raw.

The magnificent benefits supplied by this salad

1. The potassium we need

A cup of raw kohlrabi contains 14% of the required daily allowance for potassium. Potassium's main role is assisting with muscle and nerve functions. It assists in the storage of carbohydrates, which are used as fuel by the muscles. Nerve transmission and nerve reaction relies heavily on an adequate level of potassium in the body.

2. The fiber we love

Kohlrabi is an excellent source of dietary fiber. For each 1-cup serving size, this vegetable supplies approximately 5 grams of dietary fiber. Dietary fibers help promote bowel regularity by maintaining a healthy intestine and colon. Fiber also preserves the population of good bacteria that live in the gut. All these actions contribute to lowering the risk of digestive problems, hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

3. The fewer calories we need

A cup of raw kohlrabi only has only 36 calories. And a cup of apple has only 57 calories.

This meal has less then 100 calories, which makes it perfect for a natural weight loss secret recipe.

Stay focused.

Determined for your success.


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