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Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Weight Loss Season Ripe For Quacks

Summertime is here. And you see them everywhere. They can be in the newspaper, on the radio and especially on the Internet. There the little ads promising "shocking" and "easy" weight loss.

They can take other forms as well: make your belly fat disappear, your life happier, your joints lubricated, your muscles bigger and stronger... but are they real or are they a scam?

Many provide "proof" that their miracle pill works. But rarely will you find a real clinical trial and almost never are these studies real scientific proof.

Many news agencies provide shocking proof that many of the use wonderful little ads are completely bogus. In fact, last April, the Federal Trade Commission shut down 10 of the worst offenders. "Nearly everything about these sites is fake," it charged.

So how do you avoid the fake websites and recognize the real ones? It's hard, but a few ticks could help you.

Always look for the disclosure: Sites that receive commissions on products they recommend are supposed to let visitors know this. Most fraud websites as well put a disclaimer at the bottom claiming no responsibility for what's on the website. Authentic health providers always stand by their word.

Never sign up for something 'free' where you need to enter credit card. This is often the company's way of signing you up for automatic payments that are charged monthly. Surveys have shown it takes 2 to 6 months before somebody realizes this is occurring, providing free income for these companies. And then some operators make it near impossible to cancel your order.

Don't fall for pedigree, before and after photos or "reviews". There are hundreds of different type of certifications you can receive with many being absolutely useless. Just because it has the seal, does not mean it's actually approved for use. The same goes for reviews; many are left by affiliate marketers who steer you towards their own products or are paid to leave good reviews.

And those before and after photos, many have proven to be photo-shopped or otherwise manipulated. Many of the good-looking physicians, scientists and spokespeople are actually models being paid.

There are a few good websites out there but there's no miracle cure yet. Remember, it will make national headlines if they find the magic bullet for weight loss. Otherwise, avoid anything that promises quick results if you just take a little pill. The healthiest way to lose weight is still a proper diet and exercise.

Christina Major is the Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Nutritionist of Crystal Holistic Health Consulting. Crystal Holistic Health helps people, especially women, who have Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure lower their numbers, get off medication and increase their energy so they can save money, take back control of their lives and improve the health and happiness of their families. You can get a free report on health at!

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