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Monday, July 16, 2012

Three Tips to Try While Working Out

Tip 1: Workout with a friend or a group of friends.

This tip will do wonders to any workout program you're on. The presence of a friend to help motivate you to get to the gym and then to push yourself to workout harder will show results that much faster. The big thing to do is to bring a friend that will be able to motivate you properly. You don't want to bring a friend or friends that will just want to sit around the gym and be lazy. This person can also spot you while lifting so you can start lifting more weight and get stronger. This person can pace you while you run which will help your cardiovascular endurance. There are way too many benefits of bringing a friend or friends to workout for you not at least give it a shot.

Tip 2: Use music during your workout.

Let's face it, the music that they usually play over the gym's loud speaker system is pretty lame and even more dull. Its always a good idea to bring along for some form music to keep you pumped and motivated while working out. Sometimes it takes that one song to motivate you to get that weight up one more time or to run that last bit of distance on the track or treadmill. Working out to music also allows you to set up a rhythm. This rhythm can also allow you to practice your breathing while running or working out. This can also drown out any potential gym rats that try to chat with you or may impede you from getting the possible workout you can get in.

Tip 3: Have a goal for each visit to the gym.

You should always have a desired goal when going to workout that day. People who go in to the gym and just piddle paddle around from station to station will never truly get a good workout because there is no set goal in place. If you go to the treadmill you should have a set distance or a set time you're going to run. This will not only make you physically strong, but it will also make you a mentally tough person. It gives you the mindset that you have a goal and you reach it. These short term goals will make your long term goals that much more attainable.

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