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Friday, July 20, 2012

Vitamin B3, the Smart Way to Lose Weight

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, are items which are useful if you want to increase your stamina and reduce stress. In addition, it also acts as an agent for losing weight since the lowering of the stress results in more energy in your body. You can then use this energy to work out and train, which will finally result in you losing weight. The working of the nervous system of the body is also increased by this supplement and it doesn't have any harmful side effects either. Still, consult a medical practitioner or doctor before taking this supplement, just to make sure that your body is not averse to it or that it won't have any harmful effects on you. There are many other supplements of this kind, which will help you lose weight in a few weeks, but many of them are drugs and hallucinogens, which is why they shouldn't be taken without proper consultation from your doctor. In fact, it will be hard to get these unless you have a prescription in your hand and this you won't get without proper cause. So, the need to consult a doctor becomes evident.

Anyway, food items which are high on vitamin B3 should be consumed rather than taking any weight loss supplements. Along with this, other vitamins should also be made a part of your diet regularly. For example, vitamin B12 and B13 add to the level of effectiveness when taken along side B3. By producing cortisol and adrenaline, this vitamin reduces stress and encourages weight loss. It may also be effective in keeping the fat in near the central parts of your body. Researches conducted by experts from all over the world have corroborated this point, which is why it has become a universally accepted phenomenon. A very good mode of this vitamin as a matter of fact is beer. If you don't drink beer or are afraid of getting a beer belly, then liver is a good option too since it is also rich in niacin.

A balanced diet is very important if you are trying to lose weight. Moreover, raw fruits and vegetables should make for a significant part of your diet. Eating fruits before and after your work out sessions is not a bad idea actually. They provide a quick burst of energy which lasts for about an hour or a little more and then you feel hungry again. While they satisfy your hunger, they do not add any excess fat to your body, therefore, no weight is gained from the consumption of fruits. Of course, other nutrients are also required, but food items which have a tendency to add to the body fat should be taken in moderation. Aerated drinks such as cola etc. should be avoided completely since they are very high on calories and have no positive effect as such on your body. You can find more about which food items are useful on the internet, but the best way to go about it is to ask your doctor or a nutritionist.

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