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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weight Loss: 6 Bad Things That Keep People From Reaching Their Fitness Goals and Losing Weight!

Not Taking that First Step!

Heading up the list for the top 6 things that keep people out there from achieving their fitness goals is, simply not taking that first step! These people drive me nuts! However I can empathize, a lot of times these people feel like they are so far behind that there is no point in even getting started. THIS IS A "FAT" LIE! A lot of these people have also never experienced the benefits of working out, so they don't even know what they are missing out on; it is sad I know, but true. Remember, it's never too late to get started living a healthier life! So make that very first step, and when you start seeing the results, you'll be motivated to keep moving forward with your program even more!

Making Up Excuses!

This is very similar to what I just mentioned above, but a lot of times folks give some BIG EXCUSE as to why they can't get on some type of health program. These people say things like, "I am just way too busy!", "The children have baseball.", "I am getting over being sick...2 months ago!" Then when it's really bad, you hear things like, "I do not care to break a sweat.", "Health clubs are filthy.", "I just had a baby...11 years back." Ugh! Look folks, most likely you were given a very healthy body, so take care of it, appreciate it, because once you begin having any type of health problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, you will be punching yourself for not doing so!

Not Having Any Type of Plan!

This one's a total killer. If you do not have any type of plan, well just PLAN on just not achieving your goal! You have heard the saying, "Plan your work and work your plan!" Well, this phrase could not be any more important than when it comes to fitness. For example, if you do not PLAN the days you'll be heading to the gym, which exercises you'll be doing, how much cardiovascular exercise you'll be doing, etc., well you'll just blindly roam about the gym doing a bit of this and a tad bit of that. So for this reason I strongly recommend you get with a trainer who KNOWS a good deal about working out and diet. If you're one of those folks hoping to add muscle mass and grow, talk with someone that body-builds and ask for a workout plan from them, OR if you are hoping to get leaner, burn fat, drop weight, talk to someone that knows about weight loss, or a personal trainer. Your plan is your foundation needed to build success! With the proper plan, that is worked properly you will see results!

Not Being Consistent!

Consistency is the name of the game for a lot of things, especially when it comes to working out, fitness and diet. Let's say you eat healthy Monday through Friday, but on Friday night you become a party freak tearing up the bar scene, boozin' it up, puffin' on the cigarettes. Well, please don't be surprised when you notice that all of your gains have gone into the toilet. In other words, Monday comes around, your head hurts; you feel bloated, have zero energy, bags under your eyes (And have someone else's underwear on the floor of your bedroom!) Okay already, I must quit now; I'm getting a hangover just typing this stuff!

A few more examples of not being consistent go a bit like this. I'll sum it up with my quote method! "Oh, I can take this week off from the gym, it won't hurt!", "I'll just eat fast food tonight, this one time won't do anything to my body.", "I'll just do these three shots of tequila ONE time..." (This one may have a bit more fall out than just simply missing the gym! Actually, it's probably directly responsible for the underwear incident!)

Not Getting Enough Sleep!

This one is a real killer for any person exercising and ESPECIALLY for those looking to lose weight! You see, when you don't get enough sleep, the very first thing you will notice the next day is that you crave comfort foods to make it through your day; a donut here, some cookies there, A BIG "FAT" BOOTY LATER ON!

Now, not getting enough sleep has a few more issues than just making you want comfort foods. Here is how it all takes place, first, not getting enough sleep slows down the metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Then two crucial hormones, ghrelin and leptin are substantially impacted. So you might ask, what the heck are ghrelin and leptin? Well, you see, ghrelin is the hormone that tells your brain, "Hey I'm hungry!" and leptin is the hormone that signals to the body, "Hey, you can stop eating now!" So, when you are experiencing lack of sleep, the levels of ghrelin increase and levels of leptin drop! Wuh oh! The mathematical equation of this ordeal is below.

Increased levels of ghrelin + low levels of leptin = weight loss FAILURE!/BIG FAT BUTT!

Not Taking Advantage of Natural Supplementation!

Another big thing right here! If you are wanting to gain muscle, lose fat, get well, grow your toe nails, whatever it may be, there's probably going to be some type of natural supplementation out there that can majorly make a difference.

If you're wanting to lose fat and/or put on muscle, it is almost impossible to eat all of the protein you need to be eating because of busy schedules and just the simple fact that being physically able to take in that much meat, eggs or whatever type of protein source you prefer can be hard. That is why I strongly recommend using a quality whey isolate protein that has low sugar and is low in carbs.

Another great natural supplement if you are looking to get leaner is an all-natural fat burner and/or appetite suppressant, however, not just ANY fat burner! One of the most popular, and one that works REALLY WELL, is natural Hoodia. Using Hoodia along with a clean diet plan AND an excellent fitness plan can SUBSTANTIALLY impact your weight loss.

Now be sure to check with your physician before starting any supplement and/or fitness program; THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT if you have ANY health issues or are presently on any medications! offers information on how to lose weight naturally.

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