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Monday, July 2, 2012

Weight Loss Hypnosis for Beginners

Before I begin it is vital to make it clear that hypnotherapy isn't a substitute for physical exercise and a healthy and balanced diet. It certainly doesn't amazingly burn calories for you, you will still have to work and want to get fitter for hypnosis to be beneficial to you.

How Does It Genuinely Work?

The way it actually works is by the hypnotic commands naturally entering your mind, and targeting the negative and limiting beliefs which are influencing your life.

We all have damaging beliefs inside which influence the way we act, the way in which we think, and our habits of behavior in life. There are certain beliefs and patterns of thinking that will largely determine your weight - for example your attitude towards food and healthy eating, whether or not you take pleasure in healthy food, or perhaps if you're prone towards binge eating, or perhaps you are just stuck in bad habits of eating junk food, even your exercise habits and other lifestyle choices you make all begin within your subconscious mind.

The big difference between you (if you are over weight), and somebody that is naturally slim, and has never had a challenge with their weight, all starts from the subconscious mind, and the way you feel towards exercising and health and fitness.

All hypnosis does is changes these beliefs inside you. It makes you think just as one of these naturally lean, and healthy people. To ensure that when you start thinking similar to this then you certainly too will lose weight considerably more naturally, and also actually keep it off too.

If you can relate to these feelings then hypnosis can help you! The very fact that you have these patterns of thinking is the reason why hypnosis can help you!

It is your very own thoughts which are the reason why you are still overweight. The way you think and feel about yourself, about your body, towards your weight, and also importantly the way you think and feel about food, diet, nutrition, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle... these are the root cause of your weight issues.

The only difference between these people and yourself is in your mindset - your beliefs and thoughts about yourself, about food, and exercise.

Think about it - some people seem to always be naturally slim, to never need to worry about their weight, or having to diet. They have never been overweight, and they never will be.

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