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Sunday, July 8, 2012

You Are Dying Because Of What You Are Eating

To many, the claim that most people are dying because of what they are eating sounds paradoxical but overtime evidence has abounded to ascertain the above claim. It is my desire to guide you through some of the popular food that you need to pay a closer attention to in your decision to take them and how you should take them when you make a decision to take them in this article.

Some of the more popular foods that will be discussed in this article are;

1. Vegetable Leaves.
2. Beans.
3. Instant noodles.
4. Carbonated drinks.
5. Red Meat.

1. Vegetable leaves: vegetable leaves like the green vegetable leaves, pumpkin leaves and their likes are great sources of vitamins in our diets but they can do more harm to our body tissues than good if they are cooked beyond acceptable temperatures. Some people who form the habit of recycling their vegetable leave soups or stews (warming them over and over) stand a great risk of becoming victims of this ill. Vegetable leave soup or stews should not be consumed after the third day of their initial preparation.

2. Beans: Beans can be a great source of vegetable protein if cooked properly. But most beans also pose a health if they are not well cooked. Such health risks accrual to improper cooking of beans ranges from constipation to other abdominal pains.

3. Instant noodles: the ease and pace at which instant noodles are prepared cannot justify the health risks they pose. They are absent of adequate nutrients. When consumed consistently over a long period of time, instant noodles can be particularly detrimental to the health of children under five and pregnant women. With time it affects the ability of children (in that age bracket) to absorb valuable body nutrients from other foods and it has an adverse effect on the growth of fetus in pregnant women.

4. Carbonated drinks: a common example is a coke or a diet coke and others. Most of them actually against popular opinion can rather deplete your bone strength instead of building them up. So avoid them as a regular source of food and body nutrients. They rarely satiate your thirst, water should be preferred.

5. Red Meat: experts have indicated that the saturated animal fats present in red meat increases the risk of heart diseases and other diseases like atherosclerosis in consumers. Some other health risks that unregulated intake of red meat poses are; colon cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, endometriosis, kidney disease, hypertension, obesity etc.

So when next you are tempted to consume any of the food listed above, do a rethink and I hope you will make the right choice? Eat but don't eat what will turn around to eat you.

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