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Monday, July 2, 2012

You Can Eat and Still Lose Weight

In this age and time when the popular opinion among some people is that for you to stay at your best in your weight you have to stay away from eating, I have come to understand that that assumption may not be entirely true.

On the contrary, it is rather possible for one to stay trim and healthy even when one is eating but the only catch here is for one to watch what you are eating. There are actually a number of good food especially fruits that can help you to stay in that great shape you have always wanted. Some of these fruits are discussed below;

1. Apples: A compound called Pectin present abundantly in apples increases weight loss by given consumers a feeling of early satisfaction as they eat. This in turn go a long way in preventing consumers from endless and careless consumption of food in a bid to satisfy hunger.

2. Oranges: The anti-oxidant beta-carotenes as found in oranges are helpful in preventing increase in cholesterol thereby reducing our weight. As various researches has pointed out, cholesterol increase in our body tissues brings about unhealthy weight gains which with time can increase the rate of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure and other harmful health hazards.

3. Carrots: Apart from been rich in Vitamin A for good eye vision is also one of the few fruits that is very low in calorie. This negligible volume of calorie in carrots makes it one of the great fruits that anyone watching his or her weight should embrace.

4. Tomatoes: If you can muster the courage to be eating raw tomatoes, it can get you satiated easily thereby helping you to put a lead on your weight. The lycopene as found in tomatoes has been found to also help in the prevention of various types of cancer.

5. Oats: Another stable food that has been found to contain much reduced volume of cholesterol is oat. In the place of high cholesterol, oats are rich in high soluble fiber which the body can easily digest and use without necessarily building unnecessary fats in the body tissues.

To get the best from the fruits that have been discussed above, it is essential to ensure that they are consumed when they are still fresh. Though many of the above fruits can be found in processed forms like juice, we are not recommending these juices for anyone that is keen about working toward weight loss. The reason been that most if not all these so called processed juice fruits contain other additives that compromise their roles as "weight-shredders." I am wishing you all the best as you continue to eat to lose weight.

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