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The Diet Solution Program. Review

 The Diet Solution Program is a best-selling program.

By Doctor Isabel De Los Rios which provides solutions for weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

Doctor De Los Rios herself is a certified Strength and Conditioning Nutritionist graduated from Rutgers University in Exercise Philosophy. She has spent 15 years in researching the best method in weight loss and healthy lifestyle and she had spent the last 10 years helping people to reach a healthy body condition and ideal weight. All start with the hope for helping her mum, who got diabetes, to get a healthy and ideal condition. And now, most of her clients now are people who are suffered from diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Ever wonder why some people swear by a low-carb diet while others claim only a low-fat diet works for them? According to fitness trainer and author of The Diet Solution,

Isabel De Los Rios, the reason is all about your body’s metabolic type.
The Diet Solution program is a holistic diet and lifestyle plan that combines foods matched to your metabolic type along with a mind-body connection.

“Most diets don’t work because people eat the wrong foods. When you start eating the right kinds of natural foods specific for your metabolic type, you will start to lose weight, enjoy beautiful skin, and feel more energized,” says De Los Rios, who created The Diet Solution after years of helping people lose weight.
“It is a completely natural way of losing weight that works and empowers nonbelievers that it is possible to lose weight,” she says.
This is not a quick fix diet with fast results; instead expect to lose one to two pounds per week, which is the amount recommended by most diet and nutrition experts.
 By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD
WebMD Expert Review  

The Diet Solution Program was developed by Isabel De Los Rios.

 Isabel De Los Rios is a nutritionists who as a teenager was concerned with diabetes and being overweight that was a problem in her family. Isabel De Los Rios wanted to incorporate a healthy living with exercise and came up The Diet Solution Program. It took Isabel De Los Rios fifteen years of research and study to come up with a program that would work for anyone. She knew what it felt like to be overweight and the struggles of dieting without any results and decided to find a way to lose weight and keep the weight off, but by doing this in a healthy manner.
The Diet Solution Program took on years of research. Isabel De Los Rios wanted to make sure that The Diet Solution Program was designed to help you lose weight, but also figure out what is causing your weight problem. The Diet solution program does do this and more. The Diet solution program is designed for people who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems. The Diet solution will help you lose weight with these health problems.

New product review site catches the essence of The Diet Solution program by Isabel De Los Rios.

The site tries to distinguish itself from the hype contained in typical product reviews and present the main features of products in a concise and straight forward manner. The new review site points out that a distinguishing aspect of The Diet Solution program is the number of tools provided to keep dieters on track with the diet.
The Diet Solution program includes a number of helpful organizational items such as step-by-step guides, meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists. Some personal customization is built into the Diet Solution program with its focus on determining your metabolism type. This is determined via a 25 point questionnaire that takes a few minutes to fill out.


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